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The Soular Power Language Guide

Soular Power: 

You are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Just as the sun sits at the center of the solar system, it follows that there is a primal potency within the center of your being—your personal sun/light/source, or Soul. All the elements of your life are in orbit around this central point of gravitational force. Soular Power is the ultimate renewable energy resource. It is perfectly clean, absolutely free, infinitely abundant, and immediately available. Radiating from your core, it generates your deepest motivation, sense of connection, and peace of mind.  It restores, rejuvenates, and revitalizes.


Fossil Fuel:

A Fossil Fuel is an activating or motivating factor derived from past experience, or a non-renewable energy resource in the current Environment, or a low-grade vibrational energy produced by your physical body under certain Invironmental conditions. Fossil Fuel Attachment is a common human ailment and includes over-dependence on non-renewable sources of energy, such as: drugs/alcohol, material consumption, the approval of others, old pains, and grievances.


Invironmental Awareness: 

Invironmental Awareness allows you to monitor your internal condition and maintain balance. It enables you to feel your way forward in real time; as you receive feedback on the tone and texture of your engagement with the world around you, the quality of your experience naturally improves. It strengthens the capacity to discern between the variety of voices and choices that confront you on a daily basis, feeling the factors that impact your energetic bottom line (and with it, productivity).



Self-Sustainability refers to the degree to which personal operation is optimized, utilizing inherent and shared resources to meet life’s energy requirements. It includes the capacity to endure, in both short-term and long-term, and encompasses the social and economic functioning of relationships, institutions, and communities. In other words, Self-Sustainability refers to the ability to maintain an internal operating platform that performs at a level consistent with the complex demands of the day—and does not create smog or toxic run-off in the atmosphere. It consists of 6 steps: Eat, Move, Sleep, Think, Feel, Act.


Soular Power Tools:

Specific personal exercises that strengthen your creative core connection and sharpen your energetic sensitivity can be classified as Soular Power Tools.  Ultimately you develop a custom tool belt that supports you in maintaining Self-Sustainability in any Environment. Personal practices that circulate Soular Power are infinite, and include making eye-contact, singing, dancing, journaling, chanting, laughing, showing gratitude, praying, gardening, meditating, surfing, smiling, walking mindfully, etc.


Soular Power Outlets:

Anything that inspires you to PLUG IN to a collective experience of Soular Power functions as a Soular Power Outlet. An Outlet can be established when people get together to create a synergistic collaboration; whether by playing music and games, enjoying meals, meaningful conversations, community service, etc. Soular Power Outlets can show up anywhere, at any time, and for any reason. Plugging into a Soular Power outlet always leaves you with a positive energy charge!

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