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January 23, 2014 / soularpowersystem

Soular Power Activity: Invite Friends for Dinner

A POEM, as it happened, by the people gathered at Nathaniel’s for dinner on 1-22-2014


The following poem was built one phrase at a time, one phrase per person.

The page was folded over as it progressed, so that no person saw the phrase preceeding their own.

The basic instruction: write a line of poetry, however you define it.

collaborative poem pic

Balance is your personal responsibility.


Each breath more cleansing than the last

Feeling free, finding yourself, losing yourself

Standing witness, fragments of ego falling


Live, happy, life, love. It’s okay to be estranged but still love.

Bring your soul to the table and let’s dance.

I love you. Let’s kiss the earth, and jingle with the earth.


You only know what you see, you don’t understand what it takes to be me


So far away, that I can’t see

The place that you call home

And here I am, all by myself.

In other words, alone.


I knew we were meant to be together

We had a higher purpose to reach

But now was not our time


Wild roaming roading seas and bees burrowing into pollen enriched with abundance, a fun-dance!


He smells of Napthanol and old gold, salt and alcohol, and absence always sullen

and cold of the deepest salinity waves


Her arms, parenthesis,–found themselves holding a fleeting nostalgia for oranges and incense


And they all triumphed despite all odds; overcoming the greatest of challenges.

December 6, 2013 / soularpowersystem

The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff

December 4, 2013. I walk into the room and through the shifting haze and lights and voices there runs an electric current, a tingle I recognize immediately: Soular Power. There is creative potency here. Leave it to the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff to draw this kind of crowd. People who vibrate with passion, purpose, and pleasure.

Manila-based event production company, Heavy Boogie, brings this hard-hitter to URBN as part of the “Vinyl Destination” tour. Along with special guests, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Skillz will be in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur next. This might be the greatest hip hop run Southeast Asia has ever seen.

DJ Shortkut makes a guest appearance, scratching new shapes into sound with his astounding talent on the turntables. It’s an audiovisual set with video graphics that bend and blend in highlight of his deft maneuvers. We get on the good foot and it curls our toes. “There should be more of this!” says my friend Agee, several times.

A roar. Jazzy Jeff steps to the deck and with the unapologetic dexterity of a seasoned veteran, moves thru genres and eras, weaving a new dream out of old parts. He is a tiger on the turntables and his claws rake us smooth. He takes us from New York to California to Super Nintendo, from Old School to New and everything in between.

I scan the sea of uplifted faces absorbing every song. It’s taking everybody back to some sweet spot. Even though we’re not from the same place—this is truly an international gathering—we share a common bond, a heartbeat. Music that goes the distance brings people together. Heads are all a-bob, and that’s just in the back of the room.

In front of the raised DJ booth, a circle has opened up, and the dancers dropping into the middle are making major statements. These are not the passive dancers, the look-at-my-sexy dancers, or the try-to-fit-in dancers that fill most clubs. These are physical artists who occupy their bodies completely to narrate the music. They are translators. They move the beats and spin the breaks, flipping and dipping and popping and stopping. Locked in, bugged out. The crowd shouts as one kid kicks high into the air, doing an impossible somersault and landing in perfect form with a wild grin.

break dancer

A master at work, Jazzy Jeff hand-crafts a musical formula that helps us out of our minds and into our bodies. This is the real that we can feel. Forget what we carry around in our heads, here is an embodied experience, waves of sound and light that fill us with energy. It’s the ultimate remedy for the anxiety, headache, and exhaustion written into the track of life.

Indeed, this is a Soular Power outlet; we’re plugged into a primal source, getting a positive charge. And Jazzy Jeff, well he’s a Soular Power technician, facilitating the flow. When you’re in the zone yourself it’s easy to take others for the ride—he opens the line and we all step inside.

jazz joy

There are “stars” in our culture—the famous, ultra-successful elite who’ve made it to the top—and the masses idolize them, despairing. Then there are real human beings who shine at what they do because they understand that there is no top; true success comes from enjoying where you are in the moment while keeping it moving at the same time. These are the ones who dissolve the despair, who work from their heart and spread light just by getting out of bed every day and breathing at regular intervals. They don’t even have to know how bright they are (and this can be an advantage, because once the head gets ahold of it, the heart sometimes breaks). No, these real stars—and they’re few and far between—they haven’t signed up for an identity-trip. If anything, they’re just wondering why everybody else doesn’t follow their hearts and see what happens.

All this time-travel makes the hours stand still. I don’t notice I haven’t stopped dancing until four in the morning. Jazzy Jeff and Shortkut keep going. Finally I take my happy feet home, eternally grateful for the well-marinated dance floor, and the people who are melting across it.

November 11, 2013 / soularpowersystem

Un-Limited Belief

“I’m not acceptable!”

I would never say this about myself out loud, or even think it consciously. But attentive observation of certain feelings and behaviors has provoked me to a rigorous internal inventory. I unearthed this and other appalling belief systems lodged within my emotional body. They were carefully padded by a protective shield, made from a hardened mixture of time and ego.

Here are a few of them.


Limiting Belief: That I’m not worth it. This is a great way to avoid putting in the effort required to make real, sustainable, positive change. It resigns itself to discouragement and defeat, blatantly omitting the simple fact that life operates on a Soular Power platform: this is a dance, a blink of an I/eye, unfolding one experience at a time. We’re all here to learn, and there’s no way to mess it up.

Healing the Limitation: Realizing that I deserve nourishment and respect, no matter what I feel I’ve done wrong in the past. In fact, I deserve the best that the world has to offer, because I am doing the best that I can. Just relax and know that every challenge is designed to open my heart and mind. I’m a perpetual work in progress, and worth every step.


Limiting Belief: That I, Gina Tang, have something to accomplish every day. This is an attachment to my personal agenda or sense-of-self that needs to do and prove and secure many things; to get work done, to manage a household, to solve problems, to improve myself, to meet goals, to support others, to earn money, and so on. YES, of course these tasks exist. They are part of living. But the belief that I, “Gina Tang,” need to accomplish or conquer them is limiting; it leaves me to my own ideas and plans and devices… which, when driven from internally-applied pressure to perform, are inherently limited.

Healing the Limitation: Realizing that the only thing that I, Gina Tang, need to do is surrender to The Big Hand. Ask IT to guide my daily endeavors. This way, I draw from divine guidance and inspiration, empowering all of the things I do, not for “me,” but for the service of my highest self, and the highest benefit to others.


Limiting Belief: That I don’t have enough. This sense of lack around my personal resources prevents me from giving freely and joyfully. It says there is not enough time or energy or patience or motivation or money to do and have all the things I want for/from myself, and all the things others want for/from me. It grows anxious and impatient when prevailed upon.

Healing the Limitation: Realizing that I am an infinite instrument in The Big Hand. The Big Hand has a lot to give, and it works through me in perfect time and brilliant orchestration. I am grateful to play my part.

November 7, 2013 / soularpowersystem

Open Sesame

I am an open sesame—

but miscommunication tests me.

With this tightness in my chest I invest in words

to express the best of what I have to say for myself.


I have to flow as I feel guided

so I’m not divided by common denominators.

I need to move and groove with nothing to prove—

whatever I chose to do is the truth.


I can’t breathe if I can’t be free to move about the cabin—

that is, fly the friendly skies according to my own navigation.


I’m here for the ride; not fighting the tide

that sweeps me off my feet and into my heart.

The more I start to open, the more I hold myself open,

the sweeter the breath.


So I expose the rose, the bloom I nurture morning and night.

I don’t want to fight over freedom anymore.


I am an open sesame, in a closed loop system.

What goes in must come out—

and I doubt that this tension was my intention in moving forward,

but I’m growing toward new heights,

brighter lights,

keeping my core tight,

and reserving the right

to refuse to serve anything less than what I deserve.


I am an open sesame.

So please don’t feel less of me,

just because you’re thinking too much.

October 23, 2013 / soularpowersystem


I’m sorry: for holding myself hostage

Forgive me: I simply forgot that I am worth being

Thank you: for timely reminders, gentle and firm

I love you: I love you, I love you, I love you


I’m sorry: for tampering with my own evidence

Forgive me: I thought I had something to prove

Thank you: for helping me drop the charges as filed

I love you: I love you, I love you, I love you


I’m sorry: for the senseless torture

Forgive me: I couldn’t feel my own pain

Thank you: for holding tight until I could find it

I love you: I love you, I love you, I love you


I’m sorry: for endless criticism, doubt, and judgment

Forgive me: I did what I had been shown

Thank you: for rebuilding and restoring my infrastructure

I love you: I love you, I love you, I love you


I’m sorry: for delaying my gratification

Forgive me: I was told it wasn’t enough

Thank you: for every miraculous moment

I love you: I love you, I love you, I love you


October 19, 2013 / soularpowersystem

Shit Happens

We need the shit.

It’s the fertilizer.

Bring it up for air so it can compost properly and fuel our growth.

It’s an asset, and totally transformative.


So when shit hits the fan,

please don’t take it personally.

It’s just par for the course on the Orgone trail.


The plot thickens when we’ve been taught to bury our shit,

or hold it in, or play with it, or sit in it, or pretend it isn’t ours.

But in fact it charges us. It’s what we tend to go on.


Alleviate the constipation of a nation.

The grass is greener on the other side of the divide between heart and mind,

where the soul smiles in satisfaction

because it’s gaining circulation, clearing space, developing capacity,

and clarifying intention.


Simply reminding us that this too shall pass.


Going green from the inside out

…that’s what this shit is all about.

A shift, a movement, a letting grow.

Soular Power: let it show!

Because we have the privilege of being this light;

bringing light; seeing light; weaving light;

and believing—believing that life is good

and it deserves to be protected.

We CAN heal-grow-live-love-laugh-sing-build-play-and restore.


If we think our shit is wrong then we’ll never get it right.

It’s when we keep sight of the fact that it’s all one tract,

it’s all one system—

And if we simply relax around the contraction,

align with the divine timing of action,

we’ll get out of this shit-hole alive

and thrive like Mother Nature intended.


October 19, 2013 / soularpowersystem

The Soular Power Manifesto

Soular Power is the essence of who you are. It is the molten potency at the creative core of your being, and the ultimate renewable resource. The Soular Powered life is filled with natural joy, energy, inspiration, passion, and amusement.

Many people suffer from Soular Power deficiency. We are immersed in a fossil-fueled world, conditioned to consume. We are loaded with fears, doubts, judgments and illusions, convinced of their service.

It’s a tremendous drain on the system. Exhausted by the fumes of our own minds, we reach for non-renewable sources of energy. These include, but are not limited to: a dependency on outside approval, material accumulation, codependent relationships, or instant gratification in the form of sugar, sex, drugs or alcohol. The consumer culture reinforces these patterns, building industry around them. As a result, it’s hard to see a way through the smog in our Invironment.

Even seeing our way forward, often we do not make our way forward. Forging fresh footsteps may seem awkward, inconvenient, or downright terrifying—but it’s worth every step.

3 reasons to GO SOULAR:

  • Because you’re here…making your metaphorical bed.
  •  Because who/what/when/where/why/how you are impacts your parents, children, friends, colleagues, neighbors, teachers, students, clients, employers, and all other members of creation.
  • Because you ought to live until you die.

The time has come for a shift in paradigm and perspective. Move from external dependency to self-sustainability!

YOU are a little working model of the universe, a microcosm of the macrocosm. This means that YOU, being yourself, generate Soular Power. YOU, doing what you do from the heart, represent our most vital energy resource. And YOU, unfiltered, raw, with no artificial ingredients and no harmful emissions, can achieve your full potential in whatever endeavor you dream of.

WE, coming together, amplify Soular Power exponentially. WE need to leverage this collective wattage, now. We have infinite tools at our disposal; they are in our hands or at our fingertips, never farther. We can recognize, appreciate, collaborate, communicate, create, serve, and restore. Together we can do it ourselves. After all, we are one of a kind!

Step up to the front line, going Soular in your own time. Realize that you have all the support in the universe. Set the intention to plug in with your bare hands; transforming consumption to production one choice, one thought, one word at a time.