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May 10, 2015 / soularpowersystem

Soular Powered Parenting Tips: 3 Keys to Raising Your Energy From Within!

As a parent dealing with the demands of a newborn, it is easy (and normal) to feel drained. Here are 3 tips for raising, and sustaining, your energy from within. These are not intended to be “quick fixes,” although they do provide an immediate boost of spirit. They are to be chewed, savored, digested and integrated into your life according to your own unique system.

  1. Slow down— Your baby is a portal to the divine. Entering into his or her presence, your adult-oriented, busy-with-the-day sense of activity can melt away. Of course, this must be allowed; boldly giving yourself permission to do what may seem like nothing for hours at a time! But in fact you are filled with activity: breathing, sensing, gazing, connecting. You are fully engaged in the here-and-now. There is great inspiration, peace, and contentment in this restorative space. Racing ahead—either mentally or physically—is actually a significant drain of energy, well-intended as the effort may be. If you surrender, choose ease, and match the pace of your baby, you will discover an infinite grace.
  2. Rebuild— In giving birth to a baby, you have offered new life to yourself as well. This is a great opportunity to reinvent the “you” that you knew, pre-baby. How do you want to emerge into the world? What rhythms will you establish? What structure to build? What patterns will fall away, shedding off like old skin? Identifying that which now serves you and your baby can be an exciting process. Noticing that which no longer resonates (violent movies, processed foods, chemical-laden products, even the evening news) can be empowering. Surrounding yourself with people who uplift and encourage you can add tremendous value. Consciously create a more efficient, pleasurable, and nurturing lifestyle and enjoy the energy of fresh possibilities!
  1. Open up— Babies are intimately attuned to our energetic vibrations, and they invite us to become more aware of how we feel. When baby is crying, fussy, fidgety or otherwise asking for our attention, we often respond with a background thought of “What is wrong?” There is a subtle (or obvious) anxiety accompanying our resulting action, as we simultaneously judge the condition of the baby and/or our own ability to respond. Instead, work with consciously bringing “I love you” to the forefront of your mind, and a felt sense of this vibration to the texture of your response. Open deeply into your heart, where there is an intuitive understanding of your baby’s needs. Trust your actions to flow naturally. Release fear and judgment, paving the way for deep appreciation and loving compassion—the ultimate energizers! Embrace the magical mystery of this journey, and cherish every step—after all, you’re more than worth it.

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