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March 5, 2014 / soularpowersystem

T.H.E. Soular-Powered House-Warming


Mario Torero

Azalea Park gets brighter every day! Along Manzanita Drive, between Violet and Tuberose, a new collaborative mural graces the alley wall bordering the property of Kerem Brulé. Her vibrant purple home has emerged as a hub for creative activism.

Officially named T.H.E. (Tiger House of Evolution), the house mission is to support human beings in progress.  With a growing aquaponic garden, an enormous work table, and a parlor full of musical instruments, T.H.E. is an ideal living space for this friendly collection of entrepreneurial spirits.

T.H.E. Mural went up as part of a house-warming event celebrating the arrival of new artist in residence, Gina Tang. Gina is the director of The Soular Power System, a project dedicated to promoting community development via strategic content distribution. Recognizing the importance of “Invironmental Awareness” and “Self-Sustainability,” the project declares T.H.E. to be a “Soular Powered” household. For details, visit

Certainly, there was a general radiance to the whole affair: bright eyes, warm hugs, smart conversation; live music on the deck; bon-fire crackling; table laden with tasty offerings; people of all ages, shapes, colors, and backgrounds delighted to be alive and kicking together; old friends and new ones, soaking in the spirit of loving celebration. A true Soular Power Outlet!

While a diverse and talented collection of local musicians rocked the deck-turned-stage, renowned muralist Mario Torero worked alongside many others (including Energía Entertainment’s Dina Bedenko, Ras Pablo Aztlan, and Kerem’s young niece) to create a unique narrative of human imagination. As the name suggests, T.H.E. Mural will continue to evolve.

“Perhaps it’s a story about the layers we shed as we move into the world with an open heart,” says Gina. “The tiger represents the freedom to thrive. Freedom means real education, real food, real music, and real community!”

Neighbors: You are encouraged to explore T.H.E. Mural, and post your personal interpretations and comments to T.H.E. Facebook page (

 tiger crew

See it in The Parkster


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