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January 23, 2014 / soularpowersystem

Soular Power Activity: Invite Friends for Dinner

A POEM, as it happened, by the people gathered at Nathaniel’s for dinner on 1-22-2014


The following poem was built one phrase at a time, one phrase per person.

The page was folded over as it progressed, so that no person saw the phrase preceeding their own.

The basic instruction: write a line of poetry, however you define it.

collaborative poem pic

Balance is your personal responsibility.


Each breath more cleansing than the last

Feeling free, finding yourself, losing yourself

Standing witness, fragments of ego falling


Live, happy, life, love. It’s okay to be estranged but still love.

Bring your soul to the table and let’s dance.

I love you. Let’s kiss the earth, and jingle with the earth.


You only know what you see, you don’t understand what it takes to be me


So far away, that I can’t see

The place that you call home

And here I am, all by myself.

In other words, alone.


I knew we were meant to be together

We had a higher purpose to reach

But now was not our time


Wild roaming roading seas and bees burrowing into pollen enriched with abundance, a fun-dance!


He smells of Napthanol and old gold, salt and alcohol, and absence always sullen

and cold of the deepest salinity waves


Her arms, parenthesis,–found themselves holding a fleeting nostalgia for oranges and incense


And they all triumphed despite all odds; overcoming the greatest of challenges.


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