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November 11, 2013 / soularpowersystem

Un-Limited Belief

“I’m not acceptable!”

I would never say this about myself out loud, or even think it consciously. But attentive observation of certain feelings and behaviors has provoked me to a rigorous internal inventory. I unearthed this and other appalling belief systems lodged within my emotional body. They were carefully padded by a protective shield, made from a hardened mixture of time and ego.

Here are a few of them.


Limiting Belief: That I’m not worth it. This is a great way to avoid putting in the effort required to make real, sustainable, positive change. It resigns itself to discouragement and defeat, blatantly omitting the simple fact that life operates on a Soular Power platform: this is a dance, a blink of an I/eye, unfolding one experience at a time. We’re all here to learn, and there’s no way to mess it up.

Healing the Limitation: Realizing that I deserve nourishment and respect, no matter what I feel I’ve done wrong in the past. In fact, I deserve the best that the world has to offer, because I am doing the best that I can. Just relax and know that every challenge is designed to open my heart and mind. I’m a perpetual work in progress, and worth every step.


Limiting Belief: That I, Gina Tang, have something to accomplish every day. This is an attachment to my personal agenda or sense-of-self that needs to do and prove and secure many things; to get work done, to manage a household, to solve problems, to improve myself, to meet goals, to support others, to earn money, and so on. YES, of course these tasks exist. They are part of living. But the belief that I, “Gina Tang,” need to accomplish or conquer them is limiting; it leaves me to my own ideas and plans and devices… which, when driven from internally-applied pressure to perform, are inherently limited.

Healing the Limitation: Realizing that the only thing that I, Gina Tang, need to do is surrender to The Big Hand. Ask IT to guide my daily endeavors. This way, I draw from divine guidance and inspiration, empowering all of the things I do, not for “me,” but for the service of my highest self, and the highest benefit to others.


Limiting Belief: That I don’t have enough. This sense of lack around my personal resources prevents me from giving freely and joyfully. It says there is not enough time or energy or patience or motivation or money to do and have all the things I want for/from myself, and all the things others want for/from me. It grows anxious and impatient when prevailed upon.

Healing the Limitation: Realizing that I am an infinite instrument in The Big Hand. The Big Hand has a lot to give, and it works through me in perfect time and brilliant orchestration. I am grateful to play my part.


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