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November 7, 2013 / soularpowersystem

Open Sesame

I am an open sesame—

but miscommunication tests me.

With this tightness in my chest I invest in words

to express the best of what I have to say for myself.


I have to flow as I feel guided

so I’m not divided by common denominators.

I need to move and groove with nothing to prove—

whatever I chose to do is the truth.


I can’t breathe if I can’t be free to move about the cabin—

that is, fly the friendly skies according to my own navigation.


I’m here for the ride; not fighting the tide

that sweeps me off my feet and into my heart.

The more I start to open, the more I hold myself open,

the sweeter the breath.


So I expose the rose, the bloom I nurture morning and night.

I don’t want to fight over freedom anymore.


I am an open sesame, in a closed loop system.

What goes in must come out—

and I doubt that this tension was my intention in moving forward,

but I’m growing toward new heights,

brighter lights,

keeping my core tight,

and reserving the right

to refuse to serve anything less than what I deserve.


I am an open sesame.

So please don’t feel less of me,

just because you’re thinking too much.


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