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September 6, 2013 / soularpowersystem

A Breath of Inspiration

PART_1317015112476Here is a bit of who and what inspires me,

in no particular order:

Jimi Hendrix;  persimmons;  my grandma;  big dogs that love small children;  gardens;  activism;  laughing babies;  eye contact;  music music music music music;  the soft fur around the ears of dogs, cats, and bunnies;  fresh air;  fresh water;  Ram Dass;  Dr. Seuss;  hummingbirds;  bumble bees;  recovery—and all the forms it takes;  trees;  tiny flowers;  Bob Marley;  hand-made cards;  perfect timing;  hive-fives;  courage;  plant medicine;  strong women;  Gertrude Stein;  The Beatles;  optimal spatial arrangement;  tasty eggplant dishes;  first-time performers;  family meals and home-cooking;  clean sheets;  clean laundry in general;  wind chimes;   tears of joy;  getting the giggles;  sun kisses;  old people dancing;  West African dancing;  gospel music;  recycling;  seeing the sunrise on purpose;  seeing the sunset on accident;  chickens;  authenticity;  Prague;  kindness and generosity;  camping;  finding/building forts;  drums;  the creative spirit;  synchronicity;  winking;  surrender;  friendship;  Unconditional Love;  crystals;  Tool;  absolute raw honesty;  good story-telling;  Abraham Lincoln;  self-reflection;  sack lunches;  a healthy, well-formed morning BM;  trails in the woods;  stevia;  beavers;  root systems;  hugs;  clever wordplay;  surprises;  conscious media;  John Lasseter and Pixar animated films;  cracking my back;  the sound of many birds taking flight…


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