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July 8, 2013 / soularpowersystem

And many more…

No surprise—Jon Block’s birthday was a blockbuster event.  A party that brought down walls and cleared obstacles; uniting neighbors, friends, industries, and communities. It was, in effect, a Soular Flare—and the energetic charge generated by so much human sunshine left me beaming.


What a gift to be present! When a soul-train pulls into the entry way, inviting those traveling from one side of the house to the other into a spontaneous dance party, something’s moving in the right direction. When the table is laden with kale salad and gluten-free chocolate cake (amongst many other delights), and there is plenty of wine, and laughter rings from every corner, and perfect strangers make welcoming eye-contact, and every handshake is a hug, and conversations are sincere, something’s moving in the right direction. When people gather to celebrate a man who has dedicated his life to creating a premise of possibility for Soular Powered living, something’s moving in the right direction.

I envision this particular directional movement as a spiral of primal potency, expanding from the core of our being, bringing creative essence into the realm of form. It heals, inspires, connects, and builds. It feels like fresh familiarity, elated joy, and focused clarity. It is the driving force behind sustainable growth—embodied, authentic, transformational.


Therefore it is the necessary response to crisis in a world dependent on fossil-fuels (foreign oil, fake food, fear, etc). We have suffered greatly at the hands that claim to feed, but actually starve us of awareness. What a blessing that “biting back” is a simple matter of saying YES. The invitation? Attend to your highest calling!

I credit Jon Block for doing exactly this, and inviting others to share the wealth. This is what we, as spiritual beings, are tasked with on earth in these bodies. To feel the ups and downs, ins and outs, joys and sorrows. To allow for—and support—each other’s process, becoming more than the sum of our parts.

If I were to make a brave attempt and give words to this merry mob, here they would be:

“We are a magnificent cornucopia. We are all ages, all styles, and all smiles. We represent the diversity of human natures, unified by an intention to live a life of full expression and creative abundance. We are being human and loving it, because we have realized that we are, in fact, Love.”

Jon Block (left)  and Rebekah Romero (right)

Jon Block (left) and Rebekah Romero (right)


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