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May 22, 2013 / soularpowersystem


I merely tran-scribe

writing across words

what makes something good

is never understood


what gives movement its meaning?


staring at the ceiling

then blowing the top off

the world’s just a knock-off

but we’re the real deal

(we ought to take a bow before asking how we feel)


there is a big difference between out loud and in side

forget the lines

I read between the pages of the leaves

rolling up one sleeve and then the other

in faith I can recover my senses


what makes something good

is minute quality


a tiny bloom

a certain tune


an active balance in the act of renewal

you can’t learn in school

(but you can build your own tool kit)

“you art”

…take it to/from the heart


the only place you’ll ever start is exactly where you are

so secure your global position

your core ordinates

grid locked loaded

ready to explode

straight for inner space to score the mother load


its amazing

watching it unfold


really, it never gets old


what elevates you? gets you high?

lifts your spirit to the sky so it can give a kiss goodbye?

a bitter sweet parting  we call “duality”

when in all actuality, you’re one of a kind

there’s no difference between mind and matter

in fact


won’t you come in?


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