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May 17, 2013 / soularpowersystem

A Soular Power Proclamation: by Arvin Hsu


Oh, my beautiful ragged life.

Thank you hurt for your pain, for the suffering.
Thank you anger, for the white hot rage, for the strength.
Thank you sorrow for your loss, for the longing.
Thank you resentment for your injustice, for your simmering.

For you bring me into connection with my underlying needs,
with my unfulfilled need for …
Emotional safety,
To matter,
To transcend,
To Love and To Be Loved.

And oh, how the needs are beautiful, so exquisitely human and so ME.
I celebrate my identification and acknowledgement and embracing of these needs.
They are mine, and they are me.

And to see them, and love and accept and nurture and fulfill them are my path, and I am fulfilling them even now as I see them and love and accept them,
And they have been fulfilled so full to bursting in the past, and I celebrate that.
And they are filled even more full and in even greater and deeper ways right now.

I am loving myself more and more fully right now.
And it is ecstatic and transcendent and orgasmic.

So thank you pain. Thank you sharp lacerations.
Thank you anger. Thank you bursting volcano.
Thank you sadness. Thank you empty, bottomless well.
Thank you resentment. Thank you constricting bubble.

For without you, I have no growth.

And it is in this growing and this celebration that
I walk my spiritual path,
A path of ethereal grace, boundless love, and effortless surrender.

Thank you.


Arvin Hsu specializes in merging the worlds of spirituality and sales! Find him on Facebook at and follow his blog at


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