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March 8, 2013 / soularpowersystem

Infinitely Interesting

Make friends with the moment and whoever/whatever it contains…because it is presented as is for a reason.

This means: Allow people to be where they are. Love them unconditionally. Allow yourself to be where you are. Love yourself unconditionally. When I allow you, I allow me. It’s a win-win.

After all, I can’t analyze/judge/criticize and be simultaneously. The whole point of this roadshow is to enjoy who I am. And who I am exists only in the present moment, that is right now, good to go. From this position, I can play out my purpose. There is much to be done. Gaps to bridge. Evolution to engage.

The only time it’s not good to go is when I have, on some level, decided so. The habit of thinking judgment is very well-established.  Ways of seeing are burned into the screen of perception, and sometimes it’s a challenge to change ways. But I embrace metamorphosis. What the caterpillar sees and what the butterfly sees are very different things but the eye/I is the same.

Metamorphosis is a complex process. I consider Self-Sustainability and set the intention to let go of anything consuming me. How to cultivate the core strength in the present moment to make a different choice? At first it’s tricky. There’s all that inertia working against me, yet it serves a purpose too. It allows me to really feel my movement. Track my progress. Savor the steps.

And it teaches me to plug in to my Soular Power connection; the most valuable–and perhaps only–lesson there is.



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