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January 8, 2013 / soularpowersystem

A Slice of Pi

Fumble and…


You know you’re in prime position with several strong moves.

But before a single muscle fires,

Something must release.

Because once you go,

you gotta flow free,

out of your head,

into your heart,

flying from within.

This is about navigating the internal workings of the court/field.

Signed, sealed, and delivered…

I am.

My word is my art is my life is my love.

And I have had my foot in my mouth for long, long enough.

I just want to put all of me on the line–


Feelings I’m Not Expressing

This includes labels I’m not addressing.

(Labels come in handy. Like tags, for search engine optimization.)

I die every day if I can help it,

just for the chance to begin anew,

and realize I grew another three inches in the night.

My particular disorder is not academic;

It’s The American Epidemic.

A teddy bear cloud in the sky reminds me that mother nature is my blanket.

A tisk and a task– it doesn’t take much to get back on track.

I just gotta relax.

Works in progress, aren’t we all.


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