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November 29, 2012 / soularpowersystem

A Soular Power Testimony: by Keith Jensen


by Keith Jensen


Once upon a time I was a frustrated professional basketball player in the Philippines. My production was inconsistent.

There would be days when I would be effortlessly gliding toward success on the court; in rhythm, balanced. The sense of effortless ability extended into the rest of my day as well, and I was filled with appreciation and excitement for everything and everyone.Things seemed to work out for me. I felt like I was hitting on all cylinders—like every part of me was turned on and synchronized. I was in “the zone.”

I also recognized when I was not in “the zone.” Everything I did felt off-kilter.  On the court I would desperately strive for success and yet nothing would go my way. Off the court, it was the same story. I’d find myself covering up my personal frustrations by judging others. I’d fall into traps of being over-competitive with my peers, sometimes even jealous of them.

I recognized that my personal production affected every aspect of my life. When I was in “the zone,” it seemed as though I held the world in my palms. I was limitless. When I was out of “the zone,” I was helpless, powerless, and confused. It became evident that this power-switch was the most important thing to master in my life. I began a search for the keys to unlock my potential and be the best version of myself I could possibly be.

When I met Gina, the first thing I noticed was how genuine and sincere she was during our exchanges. She proposed the “Soular Power” metaphor, and it seemed a perfect psychological fit. I expressed this to her, and she began to work with me.

Developing my fluency in the “Soular Power” metaphor, Gina verbalized ideas about the “Self-Sustainability” that is generated through internal balance and innate resources. She inspired greater “Invironmental Awareness,” helping me to clearly diagnose what I’m feeling, why I’m feeling it, and how I want to respond. Meanwhile, Gina would always say, “I’m a recovering fossil-fuel addict myself, working right alongside you. This way, we both achieve our goals more easily. And it’s more fun!”

We arranged consistent check-ins. It was an opportunity to ask Gina specific questions regarding my process with the “Soular Power Drill” she created to help me dig for the roots of my imbalances. At first it was difficult to face some of the feelings that came up. Gina, serving as my anchor, helped me to keep my perspective and sense of purpose, supporting me with unconditional love and non-judgment as I worked through the toxicity of my past.

I immediately began to recognize the effects of “The Soular Power System” on my life. It became easier for me to distinguish between unhealthy mental patterns and clear-minded thoughts. By excavating unnecessary ego-based thoughts, I became calmer and more focused, and my emotions stabilized. I became an anchor in my own right for people around me, and developed richer relationships with my loved ones. I gained a deeper sense of presence and more sensitivity to the rhythm in life.

And my game on the court became consistently productive.

“The Soular Power System” offered some of the same ideologies and themes that are present in many dominant religions—couched in a relevant and accessible vocabulary. For me, it facilitated authentic spiritual growth.

Gina dropped an anchor from my ship while it was being thrown around in stormy waters. It sparked a shift in perspective, and I began seeing the world through the same loving eyes I had first appreciated in her.

It is an amazing grace.



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