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August 27, 2012 / soularpowersystem

The Tour: Halftime Report

Halftime Report

Halfway into The Soular Power Tour, checking in. I’ve been many places, talked to many people, participated in many productions. Some of them I have written about and published here, others I will write about and publish later, while still others have found (or will find) their way onto You Tube. The rest of my experiences are going into the giant kettle in my metaphorical kitchen.


Are things going as planned? Absolutely not necessarily. They are going As Planned, by The Big Hand, which is the moniker I have given the intelligent design that operates The Soular Power System. In other dialects, The Big Hand translates to God/dess, Great Spirit, Powers That Be, Your Higher Self, Nature, The Source/Force/Shwartz, etc. Holding The Big Hand means cultivating the capacity for surrender; it’s a powerful guiding influence, and it will slap you silly. I have more to say about this in future publications, as well.

I advocate for Soular Power, because it enlightens our world, and because I myself am recovering from Fossil Fuel Attachment. Simply put, I’m aware of habits of thought and behavior that consume energy, or otherwise limit my potential for optimized, efficient production. Transforming these trends, or restoring my Invironment, is the work of The Soular Power Tools: a customizable skill set that strengthens internal connection to the vital, creative core of my being. This empowers my most potent production—and with it, brings prosperity to every dimension of my life.

The Soular Power Tour is designed to assess what San Diego has to offer a human being on the search for Soular Power activity, and amplify it. Anchor, away! And while covering local territory, I am concurrently navigating my internal terrain; pushing strategic edges, keeping my Tools sharp.

What’s happening is this: “America’s Finest City” becomes more engaging by the day—filled with music and art and friends and real food. Meanwhile, I become more inspired—and it’s shifting me away from Fossil Fuel Attachment. The Soular Power Tour leads me to living waters, while the Tools stir my creative juices. As I quench my thirst, my taste buds blossom. Suddenly I am no longer hungry for bull-shit.

Here’s a little back story:

Like so many Westerners, I am a product of the American-Dream-Turned-Nightmare. What started with love was overwhelmed by fear, and I felt the power drain from the pyramid scheme that I called home. During this time, I watched my own family—intelligent, beautiful people—figuratively gouge each other’s eyes out.

Immediately after graduating high school, I got (kicked) out of the house. I packed a bag and headed off into the world, having an adventure through time, absorbing the scenery, participating in the action. I dabbled in various dialects—from the corporate to the exotic—but found the diction to be lacking. I watched the inhabitants of the various social circles I dashed in and out of scrambling for traction in a sliding scale existence. What seemed to motivate the social climate (money, sex appeal, material acquisition) entertained me but did not satisfy me, and a gap grew between what I wanted and what I got. My full scholarship to UC Riverside was as appealing as a single, crumpled sock. There was temporary relief in the sensations of getting high, or drunk, or full. But this wasn’t enough, either, and it created a dependence on these non-renewable energy sources.

Then one night, I literally awoke to my senses. I was 21 years old, lying in bed, consumed by a blazing heat in the base of my brain. For reasons I cannot quite explain, I began writing—or rather, writing began me. Because this was not like any writing I had ever done. This was writing that came from somewhere in my body, seemingly, because my brain had no prior inkling of what my pen was pushing next. And it cooled me off. It explained much of my life’s frustration, and the frustration of those around me. It tuned me into a deeper understanding of the many mistranslations that permeated my world; from religion and politics to basic family dynamics.

With rose covered lenses crushed to dust I got a feel for my own (im)mortality. I started looking closer at what was happening around and within me. How did I mean to navigate the perfect storm?

Head for the eye/I of it.

I saw that the space between human beings is the only real marketplace—where the critical exchange of information occurs. Yet everybody seemed to be distracted, disoriented, disconnected, and disillusioned. It became clear that the path to effective interpersonal relationship is through productive intrapersonal relationship—in other words, collective prosperity is a function of individual sustainability. I needed to pick up my game. While working to reduce the toxicity of my own Invironment, I kicked off my ventures into verbal public service with an essay to my family; using basketball to describe our interactions on the court, and where/why the ball had been dropped….

Eventually, making what I considered to be the ultimate sacrifice, I returned to the rigid structure of traditional academia and the “general education requirements” I began ten years (and several incarnations) prior. My plan was to sponsor my writing life with student loans while networking with fellow word-nerds. In 2008, smack in the middle of my British Literature class, Soular Power emerged in my journal as a metaphor for basic human mechanics. Over the next several years, it expanded into an entire linguistic system that supported a personal paradigm shift: from energy consumption to energy production.

I continued to develop the Soular Power framework while balancing a full class load at UCSD and a job on campus as the content writer for the Office of Student Wellness. One year later, I found myself on a programming committee working to establish an integrated wellness programming center called The Zone.

Although my endeavors at UCSD were a ground-breaking success, I spent the better portion of my last year chomping at the bit. Upon graduating from that institution, the only restitution I could think of—the path to balance—seemed obvious: take a hike. So I picked up my writing stick and drafted The Soular Power Tour.

I’ve come a long way, but I’m just getting started.

Forth-coming books are called “Confessions of a Fossil-Fuel Addict” and “The Handbook for Invironmental Awareness and Self-Sustainability,” respectively. I’m also preparing to publish a series of pocket-sized Soular Power Tool Books later this year.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to the publishing fund by emailing

Catch this tide while it’s on the rise…

But the catch is that you have to let go in order to flow forward
It’s like learning to walk, or breathe, again
It’s like closing your eyes and learning to see


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  1. asdfjasdfasdfasdf / Aug 27 2012 6:24 pm

    Confessions of a Fossil-Fuel Addict is a great title for a book

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