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August 17, 2012 / soularpowersystem

2012: Take Heart

The 2012 Paradigm Shift

(Written by Gina Tang in 2008)

 Welcome to Now.  We are approaching the year 2012, when the Sun will reach the dead center of the galaxy, taking Earth with it.  We can go no further IN, and we are coming OUT.  The ancient Maya considered this to be the cosmic womb: a place of transformation and regeneration.  Accompanied by a series of earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, this calendar event represents an unprecedented shift in planetary energy.  It is a window; a time of upheaval and great change.  Earth is shedding its skin.  How do we make our way to the other side? Emergence from the regime of “ME” into the reign of “WE.”

Current civilization has been dominated by the Ego-driven, “ME” mentality.  This false-reality show stars the Bush administration, our divorce and unemployment rates, lack of funding for education, and the degradation of the environment. Ego is an impulse shopper in the Store of Life, always distracted by some other version of reality; it thinks in terms of should-haves and what-ifs.  Ego convinces us that we are insufficient.  Our looks, our possessions, our jobs, and even our children are not good enough to satisfy Ego.  Under its dominance, we are dis-eased.  We live in fear of our selves, each other, and our planet.  Central to this fear is resistance, and what we resist will persist.  At critical mass, this mentality is not sustainable.

Opening to a Heart-driven, “WE” frame of mind, life takes on its natural beauty.  This is also referred to as consciousness: being AWAKE.  We appreciate the one reality we are all in, and that in reality we are all one.  A show of Heart features acceptance, connection, and unconditional love.  Heart is our constant companion in the pursuit of harmony and homeostasis—it addresses what is, recognizing that we are a work in progress, and worth every step.  Heart is willing to learn and to laugh.  It has inspired vision, along with the motivation and energy to manifest.  Heart respects the natural order of our world and the needs of our planet as we have rendered it.  It is at the root of going green.

Ego, the expert of old, certainly sees 2012 as a time of catastrophe.  Yet the shifting of focus from ME to WE is not happening in time.  It is happening now, in YOU.  And YOU, entering now, awaken.  As individuals we are part of a whole, and we must become whole as individuals.  Perhaps Ego has made us how we are, but it is not who we are.  With the unveiling of Heart comes healing—allowing Ego to find a more sustainable purpose in the psyche.

As Earth sheds its skin, we shed ours.  Awakening to our loving, prosperous selves is what this rebirth is about.



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