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July 16, 2012 / soularpowersystem

The Tour: Soular Flare in The Gaslamp

Sitting in the park on a Sunday afternoon is a lovely thing to do. It’s even more fun when you can gaze at people walking by dressed as superheroes and zombies. It’s even MORE fun when you can gaze at fascinating characters while listening to (and/or playing along with) a drum & blues dance-jam band.

Friends, I hereby welcome you to The Soular Flare Festival Series. This is an open-air street theater that pops up easily alongside any local event—in this case, Comic-Con.

We played music, performed poetry, enjoyed fire-dancing, practiced yoga, painted masks, and shared food. People and their pets, a cat included, frolicked in the grass. One dog in particular sat off to the side, listening and smiling. An older woman on a bench raised the occasional arm with enthusiastic solidarity. A small boy in a Batman t-shirt rolled around on the hillside until retrieved by his father (in matching shirt).

The purpose of The Soular Flare is to demonstrate the energetic potency of creative collaboration. Everyone and everything benefits from this high-frequency experiential opportunity. It’s a free energy initiative: the golden triangulation between flash mob, jam session, and community service. Come out and play.



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