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July 13, 2012 / soularpowersystem

The Tour: Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market

This Little Rig Went to Market.

Well, actually I parked The Soular Power Mobile Station (SPMS) several blocks away. The Ocean Beach Farmer’s Market is a tight squeeze, and our tent barely fit between a pillow vendor and a woman selling fried dumplings.

After the launch party several weeks ago, the market is my first official tour stop. (Again, the mission of The Soular Power Summer Tour 2012 is to test-drive the SPMS as a vehicle for enhancing the creative community and establish The Anchor as a mouthpiece for self-sustainability.)

Several local artists came together to share space in the tent; a table each. “I have always wanted to try the markets, and this was the perfect opportunity to jump on board without needing to worry about coming every week,” said Adelaide, whose breath-taking paintings caught many an eye.

Nathan sold high-quality micro-ground Kava by the pound, and Color offered a vibrant array of hand-crafted jewelry, t-shirts, and accessories. I stood out in front, distributing tiny rolled-up positive affirmations, or “Messages in a Bowl,” to anybody adventurous enough to pick one. With RadSab jamming on a djembe from the corner of the tent, we created a space that had something for everyone.

The day also provided several unexpected gifts. While looking for a power outlet for my battery-challenged smart phone, I stumbled into a room where four people gave me a collaborative spiritual reading before sending me back on my way. A mutual friend happened past at end of the market and helped us load our things. After this we stopped at the home of another friend and ate fresh carrot-ginger soup. The same hand that cooked the soup then turned to a vintage 1920’s piano and proceeded to blow my ears to the point of tears with an amazing impromptu concert. We closed out the evening at a bonfire—which is an entire story to itself.

All in all, today proved another successful demonstration of the potency of Soular Power: human beings, doing their thing, activated, and activating.



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