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June 13, 2012 / soularpowersystem

The Tour: Chapter One: Part One

THE SOULAR POWER TOUR: Prepare for take-off.

This is the stream-of-consciousness narrative of Gina Tang, aka The Anchor, setting out for The Soular Power Tour 2012. It will be published in sections but it has no beginning and no end. It’s merely a segment from a long river of writing that continues to flow… that has been carving deep embankments into my daily life for more than a decade. Sometimes the posts are short clippings/trimmings of the branches I snip when I do my internal landscaping. Sometimes the posts pictures/videos, and sometimes they are poems, lists, or short philosophical treatises.

May 11. Today I look around my apartment in its current condition for the last time. The Packing has begun. I am moving again, but this time, I mean it literally. I am literally moving into a motor vehicle: a 1976 Dodge Monaco Sportsman, and my new 22-foot live-work station.

In answer to any immediate questions about my sanity: yes, I am crazy. In the best possible way. The kind of crazy that says, Sure, absolutely, let’s do this. And single-handedly sets out to change the world.

May 14. Today I wander out to where The SPMS (The Soular Power Mobile Station) is parked. I am holding a sharpie. I circle the motor-home with the eye of a painter regarding a blank canvas. Where to make my first mark? The rear bumper offers a smooth, straight surface. I write the URL ( across it. Encouraged by this first success, I move on. I write the URL across the front of the cab, just under the windshield. Looking good, Bob (my nickname for the SPMS). I then proceed to draw the logo onto the cab doors, driver and passenger.

Free-handing sharpie marker onto the side of a vehicle isn’t so intimidating after all. I love the slight imperfections coupled with the sense of permanence. I feel like a tattoo artist who hasn’t actually given a tattoo, but has managed to talk somebody into being the first. I’m about to run late to an appointment but the sharpie in my hand is hot. It wants one more. My eye travels to the side door (the “house” door). And right away I know what I will write here. It’s the same thing that’s written on an index card posted outside of the door to my apartment. Onto the slightly bumpy siding, I craft the imperative: ENTER WITH LOVE.

Like everything else about The SPMS, this is a metaphor. Yes, please do enter the vehicle with love. Bob and I both appreciate it. And then, also understand that the only way into the vehicle that is your life is with love. The only way to approach, to engage, or to enroll is with love. If you go in with love, you come out with what you need. It doesn’t matter what you are going into—whether it be a relationship, or a new job, or an old job, or a project, or a building, or anything else that you can possibly penetrate, either mentally, physically, or spiritually. Enter With Love. That is the ultimate Soular Power principle, and the basic premise of Self-Sustainability.

There is a little space between the imperative I have just written and the handle of the door. The space wants to be fulfilled. It wants an image. I move pen to panel again, this time forming the three circles and two curved lines that comprise The Anchor’s symbol, which emerged in my journaling last night. (I didn’t really like it much at first, but it grew on me before I could get rid of it.)


This simple, strong statement of intention shall carry me forward into the next phase of this journey: going through my every material belonging and cutting it down by 99%.

I may be a hippie, but I’m a hippie with a plan.


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