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January 3, 2012 / soularpowersystem

About “Guitar-Case Studies”


If Seattle can do it, and Austin, and Chicago, and New York, and Nashville, and New Orleans…it’s time for San Diego to make its mark on the music scene.

Music is notorious for fanning the inner fire.  Over history and herstory, across class and culture, the fundamental potency of rhythm and melody has demonstrated the capacity to move masses.  Now, as we reach critical mass on this planet, we need the Soular Powered influence of music more than ever.  We need nutrient-dense experience, personal connection, and creative expression.  We need to be lifted off of our feet and into our hearts.  And, especially, we need to be reminded that this inspiration is breathing down our necks.

A mini-series within The Local Spotlights category, “Guitar-Case Studies,” will explore San Diego’s live music scene from a Soular Power perspective.   While the bands look and sound quite different, note one critical factor in common:  these people have found a Soular Power line and plugged in.  As a result, their shows generate tremendous amounts of life force—capable of restoring even the smoggiest invironment.   Dedicated as always to identifying alternative and renewable energy sources within the body of humanity (or rather, our human bodies), The Anchor investigates.


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