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January 2, 2012 / soularpowersystem


Actually, my business card says Technician.  When it comes to Soular Power, it is a job entirely self-appointed and filled.  I deal with the technical aspects of Invironmental Awareness and Self-Sustainability, such as building and restoration of relationships: whether that relationship be with person, place, or thing.

The Anchor is my pen-name. It is a fictional character in human form, a narrative voice that actively identifies and amplifies Soular Power production. Like any diligent reporter in the field, The Anchor reserves license to drive on both sides of the road. This facilitates personal and collective change in a time of transformation (whatever that means to you).  My intention is to engage, enroll, and empower… and developing The Soular Power System as a verbo-visceral platform for cultural sustainability.

As The Anchor, I will report on Soular Power activity in San Diego and beyond.  I will dive heart/headlong into this metaphor as a framing and contextualizing agent to showcase the raw, creative talent in his city.  I will highlight environments and experiences that recharge the body, mind, and spirit (also known as Soular Power Outlets).  I’m also a self-certified Soular Power Public Investigator, or SPPI (prounounced “Spy” and accompanied by a circle(s) made with the hand(s) and placed over the eye(s).  This means that I will stop at nothing to infiltrate the ranks and expose the roots of our operation.

And we’re on.


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