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December 22, 2011 / soularpowersystem

Chronicles of The Soular Power Brigade: The Brigade Occupies the Occupation

Political disclaimer: The Soular Power Brigade (SPB) is not directly affiliated with any political agenda other than The Soular Power Party!  (woot woot!)

Social disclaimer: The SPB does not endorse mental, physical, or spiritual violence, nor egotistical tyranny of any kind. Futhermore, as Soular Power dwells within each human body, The SPB is not directly affiliated with any geographical location or outside corporation.  This is a movement for strengthening synapses within and building bridges between human beings.  

 General Statement of Intent: The SPB recognizes the power of common themes in facilitating communication and therefore community.  Thus we shall endeavor to use the language of The Soular Power System as a framework for human engagement and activation; creating a container/context for experience.  Our Soul purpose is to promote Invironmental Awareness and embody Self-Sustainability, while generating free Soular Power for all. 

The Chronicles of The Soular Power Brigade

Volume 1


Last night, thousands of people in New York closed their Bank of America accounts.  Today San Diegans are on the march in downtown, trying to do the same.  The Soular Power Brigade is going to make its debut appearance.

It is early afternoon.  We arrive on the scene after going to Ace Hardware to get blue painter’s tape for our signage.

I encounter marchers, several hundred at least, shouting and holding signs about the corruption of the banking system. While looking for my fellow Brigaders in the crowd, I shuffle through my own stack of signs.  Might as well make a statement or two while I’m here.  I select one that says “Occupy Yourself” and the first woman who reads it scowls and says and nudges her husband and looks like she is going to come after me.  I realize that there is a dreadful miscommunication afoot and start to explain that it is a message about personal empowerment—after all, how can we occupy the streets if we don’t even occupy our bodies?  How can we effectively change a system if we are stuck in our heads and butting them?  But she is not in listening mode; might as well be earless.  I hasten to switch signs.  “Think Responsibly” seems a safer bet.

Stationed at the corner of the block housing Bank America, I revise my sign selection to include only those that speak most clearly to the mood and moment at hand.  I put them up on the walls nearby (Wanted: Your Voice! Wanted: Balance).  It is my hope that a few well-placed signs will convey the context/create the container that The Soular Power System presents, and find their way into some of the pictures people are taking.

“Wanted: Prosperity” goes on the drums.  The drums are the invitation—and soon there is dancing.  This is not ordinary look-at-my-ass kind of dancing you get used to seeing around this town.  This is dancing that says I AM FREE.  Hips wiggling, eyes shining. Genuine smiles.  People of all different ages, colors, sizes, and smells.  More musicians appear—a masked villain with a tambourine, a man with a cowbell—and soon we have a curbside jam band.  Vocal instrumentation, including spoken word, freestyle rap, singing, and chanting, round out the spontaneous symphony.  Did I mention the dancing?  This is so fun it’s almost unbelievable and I just hope my so-called smartphone can capture it (see it on YouTube here).  We keep the corner rocking for over an hour until we decide to move to The Civic Center.  Then we jam until the sun goes down.

There are cops all over the place, and news cameras, and a general sense of inflammation.

Yet, given the choice, many of us would rather dance (or sing, or play) than fight.

-The Anchor


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